Minus-Nawaz formula has failed: Maryam

PML-N Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Sunday claimed that attempts to banish former prime minister and her father Nawaz Sharif from politics have miserably failed, as she voiced hope that after the swearing-in of the new top judge, the judiciary will now uphold justice.

“The minus-Nawaz formula has failed. The anti-Nawaz sentiment is in fact an anti-people sentiment. Only a destructive mindset fears the constructive approach of Nawaz Sharif,” Maryam said while addressing meetings of various wings of the PML-N in Islamabad.

Shehbaz Sharif, Nawaz’s younger brother, on September 12, announced that the PML-N supreme leader had decided to return to the country on October 21, to end his around four-year-long self-exile.

Nawaz, who was sentenced to seven years in prison in a corruption case in December 2018, was given a rare permission in October 2019 to get medical treatment abroad for a debilitating health condition.

The PML-N leader, who had flown to London on November 19, 2019, aboard an air ambulance, did not return to Pakistan after his convalescence.  While the PML-N has announced a grand welcome for their leader, there are concerns that he may face immediate arrest upon his arrival in the country.

Regarding Nawaz’s potential return to national politics, Maryam said the PML-N supreme leader has triumphed over the trials that God placed in his path.

“Now it is time to make Pakistan a success story. Allah Almighty has repeatedly favored Nawaz Sharif; every attempt to discredit him has backfired,” she added.

Obliquely referring to the swearing in of the new chief justice of Pakistan, Qazi Faez Isa, Maryam expressed her hope in a prayer that equality before the law prevails and that the courts will now prioritize justice.

Maryam and her party had been a vocal critic of Isa’s predecessor Justice (retired) Umar Ata Bandial, accusing him of partiality and giving undue favor to the PTI party.

“It is hoped that Nawaz Sharif and his innocent companions will be saved from the injustices of the ‘project operatives’,” she said.

She said Pakistan now needs a fresh start and the country must be rescued from vengeance, conflicts, and chaos. “Our struggle is against inflation, economic distress, and mismanagement. We will embark on a journey of progress across Pakistan, including Sindh.”

The PML-N chief organizer said Nawaz Sharif and his companions bravely confronted injustices and only they can rescue the country and the nation from the quagmire of issues.

“Allah Almighty has decreed Pakistan’s progress and the welfare of its people as part of Nawaz Sharif’s destiny. We had successfully eliminated load shedding and terrorism, and now, we are committed to fulfilling our promise of reducing inflation.

“Nawaz Sharif, through historic nuclear tests, had fortified Pakistan’s defense; today, he stands ready to strengthen Pakistan’s economic resilience,” she affirmed.

Maryam said the PML-N wants to see contentment on the faces of the people.

“The people should strengthen Nawaz Sharif through their votes, and we will reduce inflation. Insha Allah (God willing), Pakistan will also become economically stronger,” she added.

PML-N central leader Hamza Shahbaz also participated in these meetings.

He said Nawaz Sharif is entrusting the youth with political leadership. Nawaz Sharif is the only leader who has always brought progress to the nation and the country. Nawaz Sharif has consistently provided facilities to the people and, in return, faced penalties, he added.

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