UNSC meeting ends without unified position

NEW YORK   –  Palestine’s permanent observer to the UN has urged the international community not to let Israel “double down on its terrible choices,” but to instead encourage it to change course and remind it that “there is a path to peace, where neither Palestinians nor Israelis are killed. And it is the one diametrically opposed to the one Israel has embarked on.” Riyad Mansour was speaking to reporters outside the Security Council chamber at the UN headquarters in New York yesterday, as ambassadors from the 15-nation body walked past for emergency consultations behind closed doors, called for by Malta and later by the UAE, to discuss the escalation in Israel and Gaza. No statement was agreed by the council members during the meeting, with Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun telling reporters on his way out that that is “abnormal.” Mansour lamented that “history for some media and politicians starts when Israelis are killed. Our people have endured one deadly year after another. “We came to the Security Council month after month warning of the consequences of Israeli impunity and international inaction.” The Palestinian people have chosen the peaceful route, he said, adding that it is incumbent upon the world to support this choice. “It is time for an immediate end to the violence and the bloodshed, and it is time to end this blockade and to open a political horizon.”

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