Rajnikanth’s Jailer Release: Unofficial Holiday Declared?

After a gap, Superstar Rajnikanth’s latest movie “Jailer” is all set to take South India by storm on August 10th and already the premiere show pre-sales of tickets is creating enormous records. Guess what, the whole of Tamilnadu is going massively crazy about the movie and even the government is unofficially supporting this mighty day it looks like. 

Reports are doing rounds that many workplaces including the government sector and private sector are said to be unofficially declaring August 10th as a holiday for their staff, in order to facilitate them to watch Rajnikanth’s Jailer. While the trend is pretty strong in Chennai suburban, reports are coming that even certain offices in Bengaluru where the concentration of Tamil and Kannada employees is high, are said to have declared a holiday already. 

Last time during the release of “Kabali” movie, this trend was witnessed where the working class were either given a holiday or they have voluntarily taken a day off to watch Superstar’s movie. That’s the kind of unprecedented and never heard craze that Rajnikanth enjoys and almost every movie lover turns out to be his fan this Thursday as Jailer hits cinemas. 

The film has Rajni playing the role of a dad who turns to brutality when his family is harassed by goons. His past looks solid in the movie if the trailer is anything to go by and we have to see if the movie impresses like a Baasha. 

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