Power outages, non-supply of water spark protests


Persistent power outages and shortage of water ignited protest in Gharibabad area of Liaquatabad on Tuesday. The protest caused massive traffic disruptions.

Reportedly, the initial protest unfolded around 4:30 in the evening, as locals gathered along the road from Hasan Square to Liaquatabad, near Gharibabad Quba Masjid.

This gathering halted traffic flow, creating long vehicle queues and causing inconvenience for the commuters. During the protest, participants voiced their dissatisfaction with the relevant authorities and demanded immediate resolutions to the electricity and water supply issues.

The protest persisted for about an hour until the police intervened and restored the traffic. The protest disrupted public transport forcing passengers, including women, children and elderly people to leave the transport and walk towards their destinations. Some citizens resorted to use nearby pedestrian bridges to navigate the area with their motorcycles.

Later in the evening, around 8pm, the same location witnessed a second protest, once again blocking both lanes of the road.

During this demonstration, protestors reiterated their demands for improved electricity and water supply. The resulting traffic gridlock left commuters heading home frustrated, leading to long queues of vehicles.

The motorists expressed their concerns, highlighting the financial losses incurred due to waste of time and fuel.

They argued that these protestors should be directed at the offices of the concerned institutions rather than inconveniencing ordinary citizens by blocking busy roads and streets during peak hours. They emphasised the importance of authorities taking a proactive role in managing such situations.

Around 9:00 pm, another traffic disruption occurred at Future Mor, near Khattak Hospital, Dawood Chowrangi, owing to another protest.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 27th, 2023.

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